What is InventorEQ?

InventorEQ is a powerful Inventory Web Publishing System. After assessing the needs of the majority of our clients, we decided to make an easy to use, all-encompassing Inventory Management System. After years of working in the Ag industry, we knew how important it is to get ahead of the competition and have your inventory show up before the rest. With mobile and desktop search increasing more and more all of the time, it’s more important than ever to have a fully functional inventory system.

IEQInventorEQ is much more than just an inventory system, however. It’s a full on marketing tool. From the ability to collect leads from visiting customers to having each piece of inventory indexed into Google, you will have more options than ever on attracting new clients. That means more customers, which translates to MORE MONEY!

Read below to view someo of the main features of InventorEQ.

What you can do:

  • Import inventory from Machine Finder, Tractor House and other sources
  • Manage your products’
    • Features and specs
    • Price
    • Images
  • Choose the categories and tags associated with each item
  • Specify contact information for each of your locations
  • Select the location of each inventory item
  • Publish your inventory on your current website
  • Let visitors search, sort, and filter your inventory by location, manufacturer, category, price, etc.
  • Attract more visitors to your website with SEO-friendly URLs and inventory sitemap
  • Sell more of your inventory by advertising each item on Google AdWords and Bing Ads when you also sign up for Mudd’s SEM service*
  • Receive phone leads and form submissions from visitors interested in your inventory
  • Let mobile users call you with a single click thanks to mobile-friendly features and a responsive design
  • Show visitors a map of the location of each item
  • Track visitor activity across your website and your inventory

* Speak to your account manager for more information

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How Does InventorEQ Work?


With InventorEQ, your inventory is either entered manually or imported from an external source such as Machine Finder. You can then display your inventory on your current website using

InventorEQ’s revolutionary SEM and SEO-friendly embedding system.

InventorEQ can import your inventory, including item details and images, from Machine Finder, Tractor House, Fastline and another inventory publishers.

You also have the option of managing your inventory on InventorEQ by manually entering in item details and uploading images.

InventorEQ will then display your inventory in a layout designed specifically to increase usability and conversions.

Mudd Advertising will provide you with a snippet of code to place on a page on your current website.* This code snippet will display your inventory and load all of the searching and marketing features on the page on which the code snippet is placed.

When you update your inventory in InventorEQ, it will automatically be updated on your website, as well.

Want to continue using Machine Finder, etc. to publish your inventory online? No problem! In many cases, InventorEQ can automatically import and update your inventory daily!**

* JavaScript support required

** Automatic imports are available from select publishers. Ask your account manager if your chosen publisher can provide automatic updates to InventorEQ.

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What Will I Be Provided?


A unique username and password for InventorEQ.
You can visit the login page at http://www.inventoreq.com/wp-admin.

A snippet of code. This code snippet will display your inventory on your website.

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